It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle Change

Looking to reduce your symptoms in the most natural way possible? There is a variety of research showing that changing your diet can lead to symptom relief. Dr. Adam Meade provides some helpful tips and suggestions for improving your diet and ultimately improving your health in his Basic Diet. The basic diet suggests that there are three changes that all individuals should make to their diet.

1.      Remove bad fats and replace them with good fats

2.      Change the meats that you eat

3.      Remove all processed grains and refined sugars from your diet

Dr. Meade suggests that the first two steps should be easier to implement because they simply involve replacement. However, the third step is a little more challenging, as it requires the person to remove processed grains and refined sugars entirely from one’s diet. It’s also important and recommended that you make some strict goals for yourself to complete these milestones. This will ensure you are more likely to make the change.

So, what exactly are bad fats? Bad fats include hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and rancid vegetable oils. Bad fats are not only linked to chronic inflammation, but also cancer and chronic fatigue. Therefore, eliminating these from your diet will lead to better health overall. Recommendations for healthy fats include: avocado, coconut, raw nuts, and eggs.

Why should I change the meats that I eat? Commercial meats contain pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones. The accumulation of these chemicals in commercial meats far surpasses that of commercial vegetables. These chemicals are linked to cancer, heart disease, and chronic illness. Additionally, grass fed meats offer many fatty acids that are typically missing from the Standard American Diet.

How do I know if the grains I’m consuming are processed? A good rule of thumb is to check whether the word “whole, stone ground, or spout-ed” is before the word wheat in the product you are consuming. This also means that any white rice, pasta, or bread should be eliminated from your diet. Other than whole-grain products, brown rice, quinoa, steel cut oats, barley, and high fiber vegetables can replace the grains you may currently be eating.

You may be thinking you’re not consuming much sugar if you don’t eat candy or drink soda. However, refined sugars are often found in many unexpected products, such as lunch meats, sauces, fruit drinks, and condiments. Refined sugars lead to an elevation of glucose (and insulin) in the body, which is linked to heart disease, type II diabetes, and cancer. Not only does sugar not offer any nutritional value, but it actually reduces your bodies nutrient stores. Stevia can be substituted for sweetener when needed.

As mentioned earlier, removing processed grains and refined sugars from one’s diet can be difficult. People become addicted to sugar and can experience headaches, shakes, fatigue, and mood swings when removing it from their diet. It will take approximately one week for cravings to subside. It is very important to not indulge in any sugar during this time, as this will trigger cravings.

These are just some basic recommendations for improving your health and well-being through your diet. Future blogs will cover the importance of other lifestyle changes to improve your symptoms and overall health.

Are you ready to make the change? These steps, recommended by Dr. Adam Meade, will improve your health and get you on the right track. Change MS can empower, educate, support, and advocate for you while you take the journey to a healthier lifestyle. If you’d like to learn more about improving your diet attend one of our upcoming workshops or reach out today at for more information.

-By Jennifer Valenti

All You Need is… A Brand: The Importance of Branding Your Company

Branding is an important part of making your business competitive in the market, regardless of the size of your business. When it comes down to it, many small businesses don’t know how to effectively establish a brand. Your brand should be what you promise to deliver to each and every one of your customers.  Simply put, your brand is your company’s identity in terms of your business’s core values. Most importantly, you want to connect emotionally with your customers. Emotional connections lead to increased sales, more differentiation in the brand, and customer loyalty. The main foundation of your brand will be your logo and through your website and marketing materials you can communicate this brand (by effectively using this logo).

The first step is to define your brand. In doing so, you’ll want to ask yourself “What is the company’s mission,” “What qualities do I want customers to associate with my brand,” and “What do my customers currently think of my company” It’s important to understand what your customers wants and needs are, both emotionally and physical. It’s not always good enough to think you know what the customer thinks. Sometimes it’s important to know exactly what they think to ensue your brand addresses these needs. Buffalo Branded can offer market research analysis plans to not only research your target audience and competition, but ask potential customers exactly what they need through focus groups and surveys.

Tips in Building a Brand:

1.      Stand Out with a Unique Logo: When you think about all the big brand names (e.g., Nike, Apple, McDonalds, and Subway) they all have simple, but easily recognizable logos. You want something that will look good on the web and social media, is easily distinguishable, and something the customers will remember. Buffalo Branded can help you create this logo with the assistance of our experienced graphic designers.

2.      Create a Tagline: Not only do most big brand names have a logo, but often they have a tagline as well. Think: Nike: “Just Do It”, Apple: “Think Different,” McDonalds: “I’m Loving it, and Subway: “Eat Fresh” A good tagline should be memorable, expresses a benefit of the company (concisely), show the brands uniqueness, and evokes some sort of emotion. Our content creators at Buffalo Branded can help you come up with your slogan and can create marketing materials to ensure increased ROI and engagement with your brand.

3.      Brand Your Customers: Create an emotional experience for your customers by making them feel a part of the brand or some sort of elite group. You can do this by referring to employees and customers by a specific term. Musicians often do this with fans. For example, Lady Gaga has her little monsters, Katie Perry’s KatyCats, and who could possibly forget the Beliebers? But, this can also be applied to businesses as well. Our creative content creators can help you create a group feel to your company.

4.      Consistency is Key: Come up with color schemes that you’d like associated with your brand and stick to them! Place your logo in the same place on marketing materials, so customers know where to expect them. And, generate a specific type of look and feel to all your company’s materials, whether that’s formal, light-hearted, funny, or controversial, pick a feel and keep with it. Buffalo Branded can help your company build its brand through the use of consistency in all your marketing materials.

5.      Stand for Something: As mentioned earlier, people like to connect to a brand emotionally. This might mean being known for having the lowest price or the highest quality product. Or, you can even be known for supporting a worthy cause. If you think of Dove’s “We are Beautiful” campaign we connect to the brand because it stands for body positivity, something their target audience of women connects with on a very emotional level.

6.      Always Stay True: If you don’t keep up with what your brand stands for people won’t want to come back. Deliver on what you promise. Don’t try to mimic the look of other big name brands, you need to have your own unique and authentic identity. This technique builds customer trust and loyalty.

Buffalo Branded is here to help with your branding needs! Reach out today and we can assist you with a logo, content creation, website design, and marketing materials. We can work with your company to determine the best way to represent your company, or even reinvent your existing company.

-By Jennifer Valenti